Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal is frequently engaged to help with the optimisation of real estate portfolios, processes and/or organisations. Interventions range from acquisitions, sales, new-build, redevelopment and transformations to financing (or refinancing), outsourcing and/or partnerships, whether small and straightforward or complex and transaction-driven.

‘I advise at the intersection between organisational and real estate expertise. It may look as if it’s about bricks and mortar, but it’s always about people.’


‘Barbette manages to combine vigour with charm. Always well-prepared and on the ball, she’s able to make a success of every situation. She tackles problems head on, doesn’t beat about the bush and is sometimes quite resolute, but she’s always willing to work towards a solution.’


Laurentius sells portfolio of some 500 homes and other property to DW Real Estate  

‘In my experience, the advice and project management provided by Nieuwstad is highly professional, personal and result-oriented. This is true of the advice they give on a whole range of matters, varying from the smallest aspect of virtually anything to do with sale and purchase transactions to the guidance they provide on major disposals. Nieuwstad excels at managing risks for clients by attending to all the details, accurately predicting problems and devising neat and tidy solutions.

Nieuwstad is committed not only to the client but also to all other parties that play a role in the process, and ensures that the collaboration is a pleasant experience for all concerned. So you can certainly see Nieuwstad as a calling card for your business or organisation.

Nieuwstad is very strong on strategy and manages to combine this with a truly hands-on mentality. They’re really there for you when you need them and I’ve found them to be very accessible and on hand.’


Laurentius sells three houses in the St Jansstraat in Sprundel

‘Our purchase of De Paladijn from Talis passed off extremely well, due in no small part to the professional guidance available through Talis. A transaction with a housing association is always a complex operation owing to all the rules and regulations, but thanks to the expertise provided by Nieuwstad we managed to find our way through this labyrinth. We can only compliment the vendor and its adviser on the process. Everything went very smoothly and professionally!’


Talis sells 80 apartments to Panta Rhei


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‘When buying or selling housing complexes or portfolios, housing associations often need an expert and committed dealflow manager who has a clear overview of all the diverse interests involved and is able to manage the entire process, not just the transaction.’