Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal – versatile and thorough

Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal is a trade name of Nieuwstad Advies BV, a management consultancy active in the real estate space. Following the internationalisation of the Dutch real estate market, Nieuwstad Advies BV has placed its services within Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal.

Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal is often at the forefront of new developments, drawing on its diverse and colourful 25-year history in commercial and residential real estate, both national and international.

Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal specialises in the optimisation of real estate portfolios, processes and/or organisations. Interventions range from acquisitions, sales, new-build, redevelopment and transformations to financing (or refinancing), outsourcing and/or partnerships. From small and straightforward to complex and transaction-driven.

The services of Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal are – both in substance and process – authentic, independent, sensitive and in line with the compliance highest standards, giving clients complete peace of mind.

With transaction-driven services Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal manages complex processes and provides advice on all facets, catering to all interests and facilitating optimal decision-making among all stakeholders. This is what Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal calls deal flow management.


Directing processes
based on sensitivity and knowledge

‘as a deal flow manager I acknowledge the conflicting interests between parties and focus on connecting and building trust to achieve optimal results’

Barbette de Graaf – expert and experienced

Barbette de Graaf is director and owner of Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal. She previously held commercial and management roles at e.g. Herring Baker Harris, Catella Holland and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Barbette combines advisory and management services in commercial and residential real estate. Her experience encompasses the entire real estate life cycle, ranging from development, redevelopment and transformation to portfolio and asset management, acquisition and disposal, risk management and financing.

Over the past 10 years her focus has increasingly shifted to acquisitions and disposals in the rented segment (individual properties, housing complexes and portfolios). She ranks among the most knowledgeable and experienced specialists in housing association sales in the Netherlands.

Barbette is regularly invited as a speaker or trainer at seminars and meetings because of her vision, approach and results.

See also Barbette de Graaf’s Statement of Experience.

Barbette de Graaf is co-owner of Community Care Invest Management BV, an organisation dedicated to services in residential care real estate.