Housing Associations

Since the introduction of the 2015 Housing Act, housing associations in the Netherlands have started to refocus on their core stock and core target group. Business processes, good governance and operational control are more important than ever, as are stakeholder participation and accountability.

Many housing associations have adjusted their portfolio strategy. Performance commitments with municipal authorities and tenant associations contain more ambitions to dispose of unsuitable properties and add more appropriate properties through acquisitions, new-build and transformations. These processes are not core tasks of housing associations, but are vital for the proper performance of their role in society.

Barbette de Graaf is happy to help housing associations with these processes. She has acquired over 15 years’ experience assisting major players such as Laurentius (Breda), Talis (Nijmegen), Vivare (Arnhem), Poort6 (Gorinchem), Woonbedrijf Eindhoven, Woningstichting Leusden, Ons Huis (Apeldoorn) and Ymere (Greater Amsterdam).

“The purchase or sale of housing association complexes or portfolios is a challenging process with many facets. That’s why housing associations often need an expert and engaged deal flow manager who understands all the diverse interests involved and is able to manage the entire process, not just the transaction.”

Barbette de Graaf, Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal


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