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Vast amounts of money are available in the world and finding a suitable home for that money is not easy. Those seeking a higher risk-return profile have lots of options, but making the right choice is quite an art.

Investors with a lower risk-return profile and a long-term horizon can find opportunities in less accessible markets, such as the Dutch residential market.

After all, the available investment opportunities are currentlty not sufficient to absorb the supply of domestic and international capital. And at the same time, there is great demand for financing opportunities in the Dutch residential market. Interestingly, the ambitions are not restricted to the free-market rented segment, but also extend to the social rented market.

Barbette de Graaf is constantly seeking ways to boost the flow of capital into the Dutch housing market. To this end, she maintains contacts with global asset management firms who manage institutional funds and with providers of capital and/or their direct advisers. Together they are exploring new opportunities to make the market more accessible.

“Vast amounts of money in the world are looking for a stable investment. More of this capital should to be harnessed for the benefit of the Dutch housing market. This is something that needs to be developed further.”

Barbette de Graaf, Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal


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