Internal and external organisational supervision is vitally important for real estate investors, including housing associations. In addition to their internal supervisory body, many investors come under the supervision of the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) while housing associations in the Netherlands are supervised by the Authority for Housing Associations (Aw) and the Social Housing Guarantee Fund (WSW). These supervisors assure good governance, compliance integrity and transparent decision-making in accordance with the legal and regulatory frameworks.

Supervisors are extremely important for investors (housing associations or market parties) and the importance of a good relationship with these stakeholders cannot be underestimated. A good understanding of the role that supervisors have to play in real estate processes, and transactions in particular, is therefore vital.

Based on her in-depth knowledge of the role and responsibilities of supervisors, Barbette de Graaf understands that responsible directors set great store by a strong and constructive relationship with these stakeholders. That’s why Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal always makes sure this aspect receives due attention throughout the processes in which it is involved. Wherever necessary, Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal also seeks advice and assistance from the Netherlands Compliance Institute.

“We in the Netherlands can count ourselves lucky that vital checks & balances are in place to ensure compliance and due care in real estate processes. The internal and external supervisors play a vital role and this must be fully recognised. Ensuring that these stakeholders are able to fulfil their role can be a business process in its own right. It’s a privilege to present important decisions with all the necessary background information for their assessment.”

Barbette de Graaf, Nieuwstad OrangeGlobal


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